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Cult of Personality

Want to get involved in the 2014 Haunted Mill Tour? Find out how you can join our crazy band of nightmare crafters.

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Sponsorship 2014

The Haunted Mill Tour is looking for business sponsors for 2014. Find more information here.

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Sacrifices Wanted

Eager to get inside? With advance ticket sales, prescheduled time slots and express passes, this year it's easier than ever.

Two Great Non-Profits Get Together to Make a Scary, Scary Baby

Last year, one of Northern California’s creepiest landmarks threw open its doors in October and allowed an army of over one hundred volunteers to craft nightmares. The results were downright unsettling and the Blue Ox Millworks immediately became the new face of fear in Humboldt County.

This Year, We’re Making It Even Better

With a bigger budget, bigger technical team, more days and expanded hours, this year’s Haunted Mill Tour will be stoking the fear forge even higher.  Plus advance ticket sales and express passes make sure that our willing sacrifices won’t expire while waiting in line.

Hop on the Corpse Wagon

Want to help get this incredibly creepy project rolling?  We can always use more volunteers.  We’re also currently accepting cash donations through our Haunted Mill crowdfunding page . Donate $5 and we’ll write you a creepy limerick.